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There are many ways big and small to give back and support our mission. All financial contributions are processed through our umbrella organization, The Mediation & Restorative Justice Center, and are Tax-Deductible.


help us purchase
a new vehicle

Watch our video "Transportation is a Lifeline" and contribute to our fundraising campaign to purchase a much needed new vehicle. 

thank you!!


donation of goods

We accept many forms of donated goods including, but not limited to:

-Clothing & shoes

-Non-perishable foods & drinks

-First-aid supplies

-Camping supplies

-Hygiene products

Woman holding a box of clothes for donation
Image by Katt Yukawa


monetary donations

We extremely appreciate all monetary donations. We utilize these funds to provide additional resources, essential goods, transportation and aid to those in need in the community.


donate your time

There are various ways to contribute your skills and time to Homestead Recovery. Visit our Volunteer page or Peer Advisory Council page to learn more.

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