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What lead offers

Starting with LEAD begins with a conversation. 

We believe what's most important is building positive, consistent, caring relationships, regardless of where you are in life. Once we connect, we will get to know you a little better, answer answer any questions and assist you in identifying your goals. Then, we use our experience and comprehensive resource network to help you link, make connections and obtain the resources you are looking for.

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Case Management

Client centered plans based on where you are in your recovery journey.

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Financial Support

Support for residential treatment, supportive living and medication assisted recovery.

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Peer Support

Peer to peer connection in a trauma informed, stigma free environment.

All Hands In

Outreach & Advocacy

In collaboration with the people and agencies who matter in your life. 

Making Posters

Recovery Support

Aligning resources with your recovery goals.

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Assistance in getting where you need to go to access care. 

Contact our LEAD Staff:

Crystal trivette, Case Manager

Katlynd Taylor, LEAD Peer support specialist

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