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reentry service station

The Reentry Service Stations assists people in recovery with entering or reentering the workforce after a period of incarceration or other gap in employment. The service station helps reduce recidivism by addressing the various challenges and barriers that many formerly incarcerated individuals often face when trying to reintegrate into society and find meaningful employment.

employment attainment & retainment

The Reentry service station helps individuals find rewarding job opportunities based on their skills, qualifications, and interests through resume building, application assistance, and job search assistance

Computer Lab

The computer lab provides access to a computer for writing resumes, cover letters, and applying for jobs. 


This serviceprovides transportation assistance to steps in the reentry plan including job interviews, social services, and employment opportunities. 
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career closet

The primary goal of a Career Closet service is to provide suitable clothing and accessories to support job seekers in presenting themselves professionally during job interviews and the workplace.

Document attainment

Document attainment assistance helps induviduals obtain access to government IDs, birth certificates, and other important documents. These services are especially beneficial for individuals who may face challenges in acquiring critical documents due to various circumstances.

Work Readiness

The Reentry Service Station is designed to equip individuals, particularly job seekers, with the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to reenter and succeed in the workforce.
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